What is CWM Fitness?

img_0686CWM Fitness is a community of ordinary people looking to transform their lives through the power of health & fitness.

Hi there! I’m Maria Maciocia, a born & bred Scottish lass now permanently residing in the USA, and the founder of CWM Fitness, a close-nit community who help each other succeed through Team Beachbody. Our members are diverse and from all walks of life across the United States and Canada. Some of our members have become Team Beachbody coaches along the way after finding a passion for everything the community represents. Our coaches bring a unique insight into leading a healthier & more fulfilling life and they make a difference in the lives of others by sharing their stories of personal struggles, triumphs and achievements!

I became a Beachbody coach after much encouragement from my blog followers but more importantly I realized the impact I was making on others when I was sharing my story online. I founded CWM Fitness with a dream to help others achieve the freedom I achieved through the power of health & fitness. So far it has done just that and more…

If you had asked me 10 years ago what I would be doing my life, it would definitely NOT be leading a team of people lead a healthy lifestyle! I was literally the ippitomy of unhealthy during the first 23 years of my life! So it’s quite the turn around that I have made. You can read my personal transformation story here.

CWM Fitness stands for Can-Will-Must Fitness, a name inspired by my dad who would often tell me “You can! You will! You must!” in times of trouble. I’ve heard myself preaching those words throughout my own health & fitness journey when I was ready to quit. I hope they equally help motivate you too!

Do You Need a coach?

This is what I do. I help people reach their goals, face their fears, overcome obstacles and I use my experience and the experience of other CWM Fitness members to do it. I have suffered and I have conquered. I’ve been there and done it! I am here to help! For more information on my coaching, click the link below 🙂

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