Coaching & Challenges

CWM Fitness brings a unique opportunity for you to get in the best shape of your life with the help & support of an amazing Team Beachbody community, and array of workout programs & supplements. The best part is that it comes at no extra cost. Yes! That’s right! It’s FREE!

CWM Fitness will help you put the iiiiiiiiiii back in



“Coaching is the Universal Language of Change and Learning” – CNN

Help and support is delivered to you in several different ways …

  1. My personal one-on-one coaching to answer all your questions and concerns whether it be via Facebook, e-mail, a phone call or text message.
  2. Access to our Private Support Group on Facebook.
  3. Access to Private weekly calls & webinars where we discuss a specific topic and any questions are answered for all the group to hear.
  4. Choice to join my private monthly Challenge Groups ranging from 30-90 days.
  5. An arranged accountability partner to help motivate and keep you in check.

If this sounds like something that would benefit you then signing up is EASY and FREE. All you have to do is make me your coach by clicking the link below!

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When you click the link to make me your coach, you will be asked to fill out a short form to set up your free Teambeachbody account. Once you do, you will immediately be part of CWM Fitness and I will be assigned to be your personal coach. It’s free, and once you have signed-up, I will send you a personal e-mail welcoming you to CWM Fitness which will include a link to our private Facebook group.

** PLEASE NOTE** If you already have a Teambeachbody account, clicking the above links will NOT make me your coach, nor make you a member of CWM Fitness.  You will just be redirected to your current account. However, you can still join, but you will need to email me at coachmaria@cwmfitness for details. 

Join the CWM Fitness Team today! 

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