“Things” Will NOT Make You More Successful

There was a time in my life where I thought acquiring “things” would make my life more fulfilling and was the reward of being successful. Having the best car, designer gear, the next best gadget, fancy furniture and a white picket fenced house to complete it all, seemed like the obvious thing to strive for because that’s what successful people do right?

Well having LOST all of the “things” I had “successfully” acquired due to the breakdown of my toxic marriage, I now appreciate SUCCESS in a whole different way.

Success is NOT about being able to buy the house or car you want…

Sure, I’m not gonna lie, it’s hella nice and comforting to be able to do that, but it doesn’t define my success anymore. It no longer brings that sense of fulfillment because I now understand that it can all be ripped away in the blink of an eye…

I remember a lady I used to work with, she told me a story about the day she up & left her unhappy marriage with nothing but a grocery bag full of clothes. She never returned for any of her other personal belongings because she realized that her happiness was not defined by “the home she lived in”, but rather “the life she lived”. She said it was the scariest but most liberating day of her life and hasn’t looked back since…

My story is similar to that. Having upped and left my abusive ex-husband whilst leaving all my personal belonging to a consignment shop in California, I returned to the comfort of my family in Scotland with nothing but a few suitcases. At first, it felt like I had lost and I was embarrassed of what had become of me, but to be perfectly honest, 2 years have passed and I don’t miss any of it!

Now, the feeling of success comes from deep within…

From the liberating feeling of letting go of the hurt, pain and anger. From finding beauty in the survival and strength I had to learn in order to overcome the trauma and hardship. From forgiving those that hurt me. From making sacrifices with the fiercest heart, but still feel love, compassion and hope for others. But most importantly, from helping others find the same level of success through sharing my experiences.  

It’s THIS higher perspective that has freed me from society’s corrupt image of success. I guess it goes with the old saying that I would rather be poor but happy, than rich and unhappy!

Yours in health and happiness, Coach Maria xoxox

Do You Need a coach?

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